What we want to achieve

research topics
the identification of relevant research topics, content and concrete solutions at universities and in research institutions on SDGs, the New Urban Agenda and the Urban Agenda for the EU
knowledge transfer
knowledge transfer from research to the public and viceversa: science communication in language or by visualising complex issues and global challenges
open interfaces
the development of low-threshold, easily accessible, inclusive and open interfaces between research, decision-making and citizens in local communities
concrete strategies
the development of concrete strategies for capacity building and the empowerment of citizens to achieve these goals (bottom-up strategies)
methods, tools and processes
the development of the necessary methods, tools and processes
joint capacities
the sustainable location and long-term establishment of joint capacities and the developed strong network between researchers, decision-makers and local communities
GLAM nexus
the development of Open Science capacities within research performing organisations (RPOs) and GLAM nexus as well as strong local empowering knowledge hubs
open & supportive environment
the use of research library and university infrastructure & human capacity to create an open & supportive environment for Citizen Science
data and information literacy
strengthening the data and information literacy through the training by research libraries