OPUSH CS pilot posters

The OPUSH partners have joined forces to conceptualize citizen social science projects dealing with urban extreme heat and focusing on their perception the most affected neighbors. The Vienna-based partners (future.lab and the TU Wien Research Library) and the Barcelona-based partner (OpenSystems) closely worked together to establish a common approach that integrates their respective expertise in Urban Planning and Citizen Social Science.

The projects, called “Cròniques de la Calor” (Heat Chronicles) in Barcelona and “Urbane Hitzegeschichten” (Urbane Heat Stories) are based on the same conceptual framework and follow a similar communication line. In particular, the twin projects are based on the same public spaces’ categorization, used to perform a collective mapping process with the citizens involved. Similarly, the same sensors models (Meteotracker) will be used in both cities to measure heat at a microscale and based on the citizens’ inputs. OPUSH partners will keep on collaborating in order to compare the results obtained in both cities.